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Everything Happens 4 A Reason...

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An Article about religions Feb. 15th, 2005 @ 03:23 pm
Listen closely. The beginning of this sounds like a commercial for fat people "your fat BUY OUR PILL!"
but its not just stick with it.

By the way this article is very open minded and just take your own opinion to life. I say as long as you love your self, your not insecure, your not afriad, you dont feel isolated in a crowd of people, then it doesn't matter what faith or religion you have, what race you are, what school you go to, where you live, etc etc all that matters in life is love and acceptance.


This article is going to be based on religions. First I’d like to start off with Christianity. If you’ve lost your faith in “god” and your life is going down the gutter and you don’t know what to do, if your lost, confused, baffled, or overwhelmed in the never ending roads that lead us down the path through life, then listen closely. Excuse me if I start off harsh but stick with me…Jesus was a great guy. He was always trying to open the eyes of the people and lead them through the darkness, but of course the people misinterpreted him. I think they were to caught up in the word of “god” or the idea of heaven. Peoples hunger for greed, power, and isolation into groups and of course peoples misconception of power, glory, happiness, peace, and freedom, because of this they turned on him as quickly as they could. Those same people still exist today. Ironically, a lot of those people exist in the Christian church itself. Now here is where I get a bit harsh. The bible was not written by Jesus, instead it was written by the people who misinterpreted Jesus. Now why read something almost completely based on misinterpretations? Or…people were very smart and they knew just how to control society, with religion. “If you do our wrong then surely you will go to hell, but if you be good little boys and girls and listen to your parents you will go to heaven.” Honestly I don’t need anyone telling me what right and wrong is, my heart can tell me that. To me it sounds like the word “hell” is just a manipulation to keep us under control and under wraps. I’m not saying that the religion of Christianity is manipulative and controlling… I’m saying that the church is. “Fear always springs from ignorance” when we get the idea in our heads if we do this then something terrible may come of it, then of course we try to steer away from it. Our ignorance of life has lead us to be controlled. When we are children we do not know what to think of this new upcoming world of ours. So we are told. Why would you blindly believe in something so quickly? We our told there is a “god” above us and a “devil” below us and god is in heaven and the devil is in hell. Heaven is a state of mind and hell is a state of mind. It’s all about perception of the world. If life is a burden it is a burden…If life is bliss then simply it is bliss. Every creation has a creator. God isn’t just one being/one entity who created the world, who created the universe. God is you and I, God is the trees swaying in the breeze, God is the little bugs struggling to survive, and God is in the hearts of everything and everyone. But then again so is the devil. Yin-yang, with out suffering there is no bliss and without bliss there is no suffering. Do you not have love and do not have anger? That is god and the devil both at work.

All religions are linked together in some way: Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Gnosticism, Judaism, Wicca, etc. All religions are about peace, love, unity, acceptance, harmony, tranquility, and self-knowledge. Jesus was only working for unity and peace between the people, only a new perception of life. Siddhartha (Buddha) worked for enlightenment by loving the world including himself, accepting everything for what it is, and understanding the truth for what it really is. Truth is feeling. Even Wicca is about acceptance and peace, to combine yourself with the earth, to let your body and mind flow through every leaf on every tree. Despite all of that, for years people have been trying to find the differences instead of the similarities thereby isolating themselves into little groups in order to feel better, to seem they have more power, and because of their insecurities and fears. Racism (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Germans, etc), high school labels (Jocks, Goths, Preps, Emo kids, Stoners, Loners, Geeks, Losers, etc), religions (Examples listed above), and social classes (Rich, Poor, Homeless, Middle class, Low class, etc) are all examples of people purposely isolating themselves into groups. Isolation causes arguments, feuds, and wars. The cause of many wars is from people looking at differences in religions. The Crusades were about people who were close-minded, ignorant, and wanted control. Christian “soldiers”, ignorant in life, went around and murdered those who did not convert to their right and wrong, their truth and lie, and their beliefs. Today in our own time, terrorism on the U.S. comes from Muslim extremists who hate America and anyone that doesn’t abide by their rules and religion. The Holocaust was another unfortunate event in history that was caused by close-minded people. Hitler, being unaccepted by society and his father, wanted isolation into his own group and an abundance of power because of his insecurities. A genocide caused from one man’s insecurities, insanity, and illusionary power to follow through with his plan was the death of millions. He wanted an elite group of people that were white and Christian to create his “master race.” Hitler was not a genius, but I do give him credit for legally gaining his power and having the understanding that unity will succeed. Unity, whether using it for good or bad, will succeed.

Having faith in religion and god is all good and well but it won’t save you. “God” won’t fix every problem in your life, God won’t get rid of your obstacles in your life because god puts them there herself. When you’re a baby your mother and father help you until you can stand on you own two feet. You don’t still ask your mother for help every time something goes wrong in your life do you? We need to do things for ourselves because when we help ourselves we help others. So instead of having faith in God have faith in yourself because you are god. Love every aspect of yourself…because you are all beautiful creatures with the power of manifestation in the spheres of your minds and with that manifestation we can make the world beautiful. But most of this is my opinion, so believe anything you want to. All I ask is that you never blindly believe anything and don’t ask your mind ask your heart because the secret to life is as simple as looking out your back door. Love yourself and love the world for all aspects good and evil. “Never believe in anything blindly, not even my words”-Siddhartha.


Searching for the inner truth Jan. 23rd, 2005 @ 07:28 pm
I just joined here. I am 18 years old and currently going to college. As far as faith and religion go, I was raised in a VERY VERY strict Catholic family. However, I am not Catholic, not even Christian. I really do not know what I am. I have been searching for years now and still feel very lost. I have studied Witchcraft/Wicca for about 3 years now, but yet I don't feel as if I can truly label myself as anything. I have slightly looked into Hinduism and Buddhism and have found a lot of peace. I joined here because I am sorta hoping to gain a greater insight/understanding of all religions, hopefully to give me a little more insight on where it is I belong, religion wise. I wish all of you a wonderfull day and hope to get to know all of you.
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One Crow Sorrow Jan. 2nd, 2005 @ 03:20 am
Humble Greetings and Namaste to all. I was compelled to join after reading/commenting on J's post. I think my comment, as well as my journal beginnings will portray some of who I am. But I'll leave a brief bit here as well.

My name is Michael. I am 20 years old, living in the U.S. My path is one of sorrow, as well as positivity. I am now beginning to realize the balance and neutrality in all existence. Someone waved goodbye to me forever when I was but a small child, changing and evolving me forever. I passed through many ways of living, portraying the many characters I feel I've been. For many years I was simply a quiet, observant athiest...a child with misplaced anger over something he could not explain. Some years later, I found some needed light within Buddhism, Taoism and the works of Tool. (I know it may sound strange...but Tool's lyrics and music have become a part of my being and my classless spirituality) I've studied Buddhism and Taosim respectfully for about 6 years now. Intermingled within them, I studied Voidism and the occult for 2-3 years, as well as Astral Projection for 4 years. I've also had a passing interest in modern psychology and evolution for about as long as I can remember.

Having said that...I'd like to pose a question, which I often ask to those of a spiritual nature. The question is this: "What is your first known memory?"

You can tell a lot about a person by their very first memory...

To be fair, I'll walk you through my own: I remember standing in my crib, shortly before I was to go to sleep. My father and brother were standing in the room, conversing and looking to me often. I simply watched them and studied them for a few moments, before I noticed my brother had a nice pair of sunglasses in his hand. I began to reach for them with all the willpower I had, but I was too far away, binded by my crib. To my relief, my brother seemed to sense that I wanted something and approached me with a smile. I touched and grabbed for the sunglasses, which he allowed me to take. As I put them on, I looked around the room with widened eyes and a smile of wonder...

I hope you take positivity or at least a smile from what I've expressed...
Farewell for now-Ø
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Dec. 29th, 2004 @ 10:28 am
hi! i'm new here... one day i searched buddhism, and found this... and decided to join!
well, heres a little about my story...

i was raised as a jehovah's witness, and for the majority of my life, what i have been told to beleive is not at ALL what i REALLY thought. two years ago i decided to break out of this religion, and had to go through quite alot of guilt, pain, and loss of respect from friends and family. but having gone through this, i have found myself, and therefore found my very own TRUTH.

being part of such a 'close knit' religion, (in my oppinion, borderline cult); and then deciding to break out of it i have found myself somewhat anti-organized religion. i beleive that the teaching of hell, armageadon, reincarnation- make people feel GUILT to do the right thing, not b/c they simply WANT to. i think that god is found within only yourself, and that karma is a real thing that touches everyones lives. religion shouldnt be about rules, or donations, it should be about being happy and helping others. i also think that the bible is there to translate for yourself- and that the stories are just stories. just like the ancient greeks and their stories; like pandora's box, for example; are just stories that have morals to them, that are there to try to explain nature and life. they didnt really happen in real life.

to me; god is everywhere, everything has its own life to it, and humans only use a small percentage of their brains; imagine what we could do if we really tried? there are so many things in this world that can not be explained. what are ghosts? why do bad things happen? why are humans here? are angels real? where do we go when we die? ---- i think that everyone has their own answers. to each his own. i think humans are differnt from each other, and are unique for a reason= and one reason only... so we can learn from each other, not try to morph everyone into what you are, what you beleive. and thats what i think :) thanks for listening.
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Nov. 17th, 2004 @ 06:51 pm
"If Christ had died in the 20th Century, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks."

~Lenny Bruce

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» Have people abandoned this journal?
I noticed until my entry before, noone had written anything in this community for what was heading towards close to a month. Where is everyone?

Hey, I'm here...does anyone want to contribute?

All the best.

Here is a website that was posted in another community:


You may find it interesting to look into regardless of what end of the spectrum you are from.

lots of love,
Joanna xoxo
» Hello everyone
My name is Joanna and I am a 21 year old Australian woman. I don't have too much to say for my life but I have gone through school, got into university....blah blah blah.

I believe in a higher power and I am constantly exploring different aspects of faith in my life. Particularly since I have clinical depression.

I have also been singing since a very young age and have been in a few musicals...just amateur stuff nothing exciting.

I guess I just thought you might like to know something about me since I'm new here at 4a_reason.

Anyway, I wish you all the best,
Bye for now,
» (No Subject)
I just joined...and you all inspire me.

When I first moved here from the Philippines, life has been very challenging for me. Especially living in an area where the majority of the population was Americans. Seeing an Asian walking down the street was uncommon. In addition, my family and I started life in here in the states, in a destitute situation. I didn’t have a lot of friends because of those factors (being new to the area and a minority), so I received the majority of aid and emotional support from my family. My family always reminds me to this day the importance of remembering where I came from, the value of experiences, and the significance of helping others. At that note, their guidance was what inspired me to help people as well as to be assertive with regards to handling inevitable situations effectively in my life. When my parents passed away, it helped me become very responsible in accomplishing all of my goals, so that I will be prepared for the challenges I will come across along the path. My life experience, specially my own broken marriage, has helped me become the individual I am today.
» New Member, First Post
Hello, I'm Jessica and I thought I'd introduce myself and talk a little about why I believe everything happens for a reason.

First and foremost, I am a Christian and believe that God has a grand plan for all of us. If you don't believe that, it's your choice and I'm not here to try to win you over. That's why it's called faith - either you believe it, or you don't.

In a span of 13 months, I lost my husband of 34 days, I miscarried our child, my father was diagnosed with and died from colon cancer, and my mother died in her sleep from a brain aneurysm. I am 31 years old and have experienced more tragedy than some people do in an entire lifetime.

But I am not bitter. I question why this happened to me and to the people I love, but I also believe it's not for me to understand. I believe it's all part of the plan God has for my life, and everyday I put my life in His hands and ask Him to lead me.

I truly believe the day will come, whether it's next week or 100 years from now, when all the loss I have experienced will make sense.

Again, that's why it's called faith...
» I wish I did sometimes...
Here is something to discuss- Morality/Ethics

I've been asked by a lot of people "Well if you don't believe in God, what stops you from killing every person you don't like, since you have no fear of punishment?"

I usually reply "I follow a very basic set of ethics- don't do shit to people which you wouldn't want done to yourself, otherwise known as the Golden Rule. Plus, I'm no good at hiding bodies." (I tend to get snarky when people think I'm amoral)

Anyways, so what is the deal? Is morality subjective? Are there basic rules everyone abides by? Why don't you kill everyone that you don't like?
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