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Everything Happens 4 A Reason... — LiveJournal


Becomeing Stronger Aug. 21st, 2006 @ 10:11 pm
Hey everyone,
Wanted to say hi since I'm new to this community. I found it interesting since one of my firmist beliefs is that things happen for a reason. So I have joined and I hope this community is active enough for me. I love to post so we will see.

I guess I'll share a bit about me.

I live in colorado, and have since I was about four or five. Before that it was germany. My parents spereated just after we moved back from germany..my father was very abusive towards my mother. I think that this has taught me to look for much better when it comes to getting into a relationship. But as if that didnt teach me enough, I was raped as well as melested a few times when I was younger. I often think and wonder why this happened to me, and I still don't know the exact anwser, I only know that I believe it was to teach me to look for better.

I have always been an internet type person, I love meeting new people and making new friends online. I have met some really rude people as well as some really excelent peoplt. But just recently I met a guy who will soon be my husband. I had always had dreams about marrying someone that I met online. I knew that that was going to be how it went.

So you see, things do happen for a reason...

Even tho some of the things are a bit harsh they teach us lessons, and make us stronger people!.

Jul. 16th, 2006 @ 08:46 pm

Once there were gods great and beautiful, whose palms crushed whole villages, whose smiles ensured mortal love. They reigned over their world with words that shook the hearts of mountains, and their exploits became myths without number. From thrones (carved of clouds and bejeweled with snared lightning) they presided over a land teeming with monsters, men, and heroes. Passing eternity warring with each other and those that thought they could best a deity, they were slowly stripped of their supremacy – brick by brick – until they slid into memory.

But gods do not die, forgive, or forget. Once again they are waking up – but in bodies strange and impermanent, bodies that will die. Their powers fizzle as they toil away in mortal flesh; memories slink away to private parts of the brain. Mount Olympus only visits in the secret places of dreams. They wear the faces of boys and girls – but below the brain, below the fumbling of earthly fingers, they are so much more. It’s been so long! They may remember, finding their own faces in others likewise divine; they may slip into the mortal coil, and stray through lifetime after lifetime, never grasping what glories they once had.

And here, we begin.

New member Apr. 10th, 2006 @ 08:42 pm
Hey everyone, my name is Nat and I'm 22 years old. I thought I'd start off by sharing a story from my own life that kinda makes you stop and think...

My doctors have told me for quite a while now that I may never be able to have children of my own. I have various chronic health problems and my fertility is extremely low, not to mention my uterus is not the greatest a woman could hope for. This never really bothered me cause I would rather adopt a child anyway.

So, a couple of years ago I feel head-over-heels in love with a guy. We used both the pill and condoms "just in case" but not long after we started dating I began to have very weird, very vivid dreams. I kept dreaming that we had a child named Terra with gorgeous red, curly hair. I dreamt often about this child climbing around the rocks of Signal Hill (local steep, dangerous and popular cliff type thing) and crying. I told my bf about the crazy dreams because they were really starting to bother me. When I told him he turned white as a ghost and totally flipped out. I figured he was freaked that I wanted to have a child with him or something, but this wasn't the case. He explained to me while trying to hold back tears that Terra was a good friend of his. She had commited suicide on Signal Hill a few years ago by jumping off the cliff. He didn't want to go into much detail cause it bothered him too much. So, we were a bit freaked out, but kinda forgot about it for a bit.

A couple of months later after going to emergency because I was dizzy and weak feeling, we found out I was pregnant!!! The doctor said my chances of becoming pregnant were like 1 in a million! We were both totally freaked at this point. But it gets more intense...

So after crying from shock and a few days of discusing what to do, we decided that we should keep the baby and name it Terra or give it up for adoption. We didn't want to abort a child that seemed so "meant to be". So, a few months pass again and we had kinda forgotten about the creepiness of eveything that had been happening and were still considering adoption when the dreams started... again! This time, they were of me laying on signal hill with the red headed child I had earlier dreampt about, but this time it was clearly a boy. An angel appeared (I'm Buddhist by the way, so this was even odder to me) and she told me I was to raise this child, Terra's child, who never had a chance at life.

Ok so now I was REALLY weirded out. I mentioned it to my bf and he flipped again! He said "Nat, I never mentioned this cause it didn't seem important at the time, but Terra was pregnant with a little boy when she died!"

Several more months passed, and guess what? We were blessed with a beautiful red headed boy who we named Terran (which means "of Terra")

This is proof that things do indeed happen for a reason, even if they seem completely impossible or unreal.
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For a reason!? Jan. 9th, 2006 @ 05:12 pm
Well. I went to Church for the first time in weeks yesterday. It was a Methodist Church just down the street from where I live until I can get sufficient transporation to go to a Baptist Church, which is what I normally attend.

I have been invited to join the choir, handbell choir and basketball groups down there, so that's going to be a lot of fun, I think. I need to do the basketball thing for sure b/c I need to lose this tummy! lol

I met with this woman yesterday, her name is Diane. She lost her son when he was 4 years old, he was abducted and murdered, they found him 10 hours or so later crammed into an old refrigerator, but never found the individual responsible. She said it's been 40 years, but she still has a hard time with it, and she said that it's so hard now, too, b/c this past week she'd just buried the last of the people that was there with her when she was burying her son. About a year or so later, she'd lost a baby to stillbirth. I told her that I'm here if she ever needs to talk. . .I think I was supposed to be there. They were very warm and inviting, like Calvary Baptist was back in Colorado. I sure miss that Church. . .

I was also able to pick up the latest copy of THE UPPER ROOM, too. I've been meaning to try and find some devotional materials, and it's been always a dead end where I've looked. Wow. Just had to share. . .
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Cross-posted in jesuswasabuddha. . . Dec. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:51 pm
Hi, everyone.

I'm new to this community, just joined up a few minutes ago. My friend is a Buddhist, and I'm a Christian. The things we've talked about over the last few weeks that I've known her (we were co-workers, that's how we met!), she's told me a lot about her religion, and having formerly been Christian herself, and knowing that I myself am a Christian, it's really fascinating to see the parallels of our religions.

I don't know much about Buddhism, and everytime I hear the word "Buddha," I always think of the jolly chubby man laying on his side or sitting "Indian style" with a big smile on his face. I wasn't aware until she and I got to talking that there are different Buddhas for different things in life. She's really shown me a lot about Eastern religions and what-not, and a lot of what she's telling me about, I'm wanting to learn more, hence my joining this group.

My hope is to meet some new friends and learn as much as I can about this religion I know so little about.

Thank you. . .
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Hi everyone,
I am new here. When I found this community I laughed to myself, because that is my motto in life and I am forever saying to people "Everything happens for a reason". A friend tells me "it was so weird Shaz, just by coincidence I drove past and there they were"... I smile. Nothing, is a coincidence. It is all meant to happen. Everything unfolds perectly, as it should.
» Hey all
Hello all,
My name is Steve. I did a search on Buddhism, and voila!, I found this community. Wonderful place and concept. I come from a very non-religious methodist family. The first memory I have of religion is my Sunday school teacher when I was 6 or 7 taught us Revelations. Brilliant idea. I had nightmares for weeks, even months, including one recurring one in which I was on a raft going through hell. From this point on, I remember feeling terrified of God. When I did something wrong, I went and hid in my closet, thinking
God couldn't see me there. I told my parents that I hated God and wouldn't go to church anymore at age 11. They respected my wishes, because they're truly incredible parents, and let me stay home on Sunday. Fast forward to high school, I went to an all-male, Christian high school. I got tormented quite a bit by a group of jockular (not sure that's a word) Christian guys who seemed to have a problem with the fact that I didn't pray in our daily "devotionals" (basically a half hour church service). Way to follow Jesus' example guys. Anyhow, so my experience told me that religion is bad and hurtful. Furthermore, it made me hate God. So I started researching Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism and found it a much healthier experience for me, and I gradually realized that I'm a very spiritual person but had repressed that side of me for most of my life. Since I started searching at 18, I've gone through phases of my life in which I was not very selective about the people and ideas with which I surrounded myself. Many negative people came into my life, and I thought that it was my duty to help them out. The ultimate result was them pulling me down to their level, rather than me pulling them up to mine. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. I'm just now getting out of a 2 year relationship that I let strangle my spirituality, so I'm trying to find good, positive, nurturing people of the spiritual persuasion. I think this community fits into that category. Thanks for being. Peace and love.
» Pouring from every pore
Pouring from every Pore

I noticed how everyone’s perception on love is different. So I thought I should give my idea of love. Love is truth. Love is your family. Love is your friends. Love is opening the door Love is the warm covers that hold you tight in the night. Love is the trees, the grass, and the ever-flowing waterfall of life. Love is every person that crosses your path and changes your life with nothing but a simple smile, a simple word. Love is a kiss. Love is a hug. Love is listening. Love is responding with heart. Love is acceptance. Love is a feeling when a companion enters your life and fills it with words of wisdom, with care, with acceptance of who you are, with morning kisses on the forehead, and with webs of steal as they wait for bad emotions to arise and wrapping it in love and draining it of every drop of energy. Love is war, death, crime, depression, fear, sorrow, and loneliness for making love so loving. Love is reality. Love is dream. Love is in between. Love is seeing eyes filled to the brim of tears consisting only of love. Love is knowing. Love is seeing love. Love is hearing love. Love is seeing children dance and play as they forget the troubles of the world. Love is hating the fact of not being able to hate. Love is loving. Love is being loved. Love is stars for filling in the black spaces. Love is the sun for lighting up the faces torn and jaded of not being loved. Love is the night for shading all the imperfections of men’s creations and the moon for making the rest sparkle like diamonds. Love is everything and everyone. Love is the world. Love is the universe.

BUT true love is having a big enough heart to love the entire world for every aspect good and bad, every leaf on every tree, every abusive father that’s so far trapped in his own insecurities and fear of the world and hatred of not being accepted by his own abusive father, every mother who sticks by his side in patience and hope for a better love filled with care and acceptance, and every child that’s lost. Having a big enough heart to look for the love within everyone, whether being drowned by darkness or flowing out of every pore, and trying to bring that out. That is true love.
» Please read: True Story, True Conversation
This is a true conversation I had with a friend of mine. Shes a recovering drug addict and just about everyone in her life puts her in a bad position. I would explain more but Im not sure if she would care about me telling her story. But this was the end of our conversation we had just after talking for like an hour about her life and my life and just random things. I hope you can feel and understand the things that I have said in this conversation. Please read.

The Secret to life
"Can I share something with you?" I asked her sympathetically
"Yeah sure" she said
"You have to get up though"
I got up and started to walk across the porch.
"I'm getting sick and tired of people making life so complicated"
with suspense she said "Mmhm"
"They ponder and ponder about the secret to life. They keep looking to look and look even more, they never find what they truly need."
She kept following me slowly to the backyard steps off the porch.
"When all they need to do...is step outside."

"Look around"
"Ok?" she asked but followed directions perfectly
She looked around for a second and replied
"The secret to life is in the trees, its in the moon. Look at the moon its beautiful. Its in the air, the grass, the birds that hum and sing every morning so you have something to wake up for."

"Wow" she said amazed

"Now... look at the sky again. See that sky with all of its winking stars, picture that..."
"That..." I repeated
"picture that inside yourself... and let it rise and rise and let it burst from every pore.

So instead of waking up for the birds humming and singing outside, wake up for the bird thats humming and singing inside of yourself. Now that is a secret, That is beautiful."

She stopped and stared at the sky for atleast five minutes, but before she could turn her head and respond I finished:

"About two weeks ago I came outside because I was feeling depressed and I needed a smoke. I was depressed because of what all I've been through and am going through now. I pondered about my life and just life in general. I started to smoke my ciggerette and then...then it hit me! I looked around... and I saw the trees , the grass, the moon, the stars. Whatever it was it was flowing through the air. It hit me...this IS the secret to life. And for the first time in my life, I felt true happiness, I felt true acceptance, I felt true peace within myself, I felt. I felt!. I wasn't scared anymore, I wasn't insecure anymore, I wasn't afraid to face the world another day. And so I got up and jumped around like I was a little kid and played in the snow and made a snow angel. Most people think about jumping around and doing whatever they want, but they always stop and think "No I can't do that", but... I did. Even though it was freezing cold I layed in the snow for at least 20 minutes. I was shivering like crazy but you know what... It didnt matter because I...I had a smile on my face. Not just a smile, but a smile that ment something. It wasn't fake, it was real and it would last forever inside my mind."

"I'm not sure if you'll understand...feel this now, but I hope you'll find out what I'm talking about one day."
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